Height Adjustable Access Platform Fixed Step (Patent Pending)

Height Adjustable Access Platform Fixed Step (Patent Pending)

Ricbuilt have just released there new height adjustable access platform range, these are all custom built to size and can range from uses on dozers to rear dump tray body access.

we also can supply a range of removable attachments such as – slide out chassis handrail system / rear tray slide out handrail system / drop down steps and full box enclosed handrails.The top deck can also slide out for added overhang.

The platforms height adjustment is powered by a dual hand pump/air operated system, The FIXED step design allows the access platform to always maintain the correct height between each stair tread and comply to Australian standards 1657.2013. Platform can be upgraded to suit BHPIO 5KPA standard also.

This access system can be supplied in a 90 degree type and can have an attachment for towing for field use, and flat packs for shipping worldwide.

if you require any more information on this product please dont hesitate to contact us.

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